Serve the World

Jesus encouraged his followers to go into the world to serve others by sharing about him and showing God’s love. 

 We aim to do this as a church in Abbey Wood as we seek to be in the community for the community. 

We also desire to do this, where we can in other places and specific projects around the World.

Rally - Youth

Each Sunday our youth join together with the youth from Slade Church to have a time of fun, games, a Bible talk and small groups for discussion.

Youth – Rally Page

Operation Mobilisation

We partner with OM missionaries as they seek to share the Gospel in different countries around the world.

Operation Mobilisation

Native Upper Primary School in Chinamuthevi

We partner with Native Onlus as we support the NATIVE Upper Primary School in Chinamuthevi, in Andhra Pradesh, South East India. The school provides education to Dalit and tribal children who would not otherwise receive an education.

Native Onlus

Friends International

Friends International is a Christian Charity that seeks to welcome and share Jesus with international students who come to the UK to study.

Kirsten Wynn: London Team Leader and organising events for international students in South East London.

Friends International

Debt Centre Greenwich - CAP

In partnership with Christians Against Poverty, Debt Centre Greenwich provides residents access to free debt help with pastoral support throughout the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Debt Centre Greenwich

Safe Families

Safe Families is a charity that works with 35+ local authorities around the UK.  Safe Families offer hope, belonging and support to children, families and care leavers; they do this primarily, but not exclusively, with and through local churches. Abbey Wood Community Church partners locally with Safe Families serving our community.

Safe Families UK